April 21, 2012

  Meeting called to order by Pres. Gary … treasurer report was  $947.30 as of Feb. 26


New member ….Jim And Chris Robinson (not in attendances )

                        28 paid members last year around 40

Logo, need to look at different drawing and no one likes them all, need to cut to two choses and vote.


CCC scholarship was talked about, Chris checked it out and Ivan will do some more checking.


Wine comp. 2012.   Rules changes were covered

                                    Cost   $10.00

                                    Add …. Apportion of the proceeds goes to scholarship

                                    Minor sediment is OK

Unflavored brandy and everclear can be used ,but the specific product must be          disclosed

No meads or ciders

May give 2 splits for ports/ fortified wines only

Education …discussion of topics ….need names of people who can teach these …….

                                    Test ML

                                    Mercaptan testing

                                    Making port

                                    Measuring SO2

                                    How to Cold soak

                                    Extending Fermentation

                                    Use of different Oak tastes

Talked about a study on dropping fruit….. pros and cons


Scott talked to Grand Vines ….they would love to have us and will help set up a meeting with some type of education.   Nice Job Scott.


The group wanted to see if Patrick would do a wine tasting class and the cost ,Gary will look into it.


 Next meeting will be May 19th at 4:00 pm in Woodburn at Gary and Sue’s home.


    We want to thank Bob and Judy for their use of a meeting place , It was great ….

The wine room was a perfect place for our meeting



Submitted  by Gary and Sue