Aug 18, 2012




·         Gary called the meeting to order.

·         Minutes from the July 2012 were sent in previous e-mail.

·         Introduction to new members: Chris Estrada’s brother, sister-in-law, mother, and son were in attendance.

·         Treasurer Report: The treasury balance is $1,526.48 which includes $750 made from the amateur wine competition.

·         Old Business:  Wine Competition 2012

o   There were five judges who judged the wine on 8/15/12 at Eola Hills. The competition started at 10:00 a.m. and ended by 3:30 p.m. Jan, Susan, Terry, Ivan, Russ, Gary and Chris C. assisted with the competition. Susan shared that she saw one of the judges after the competition who told her that it was the most well run contest he has ever see.

o   Thank you cards for the judges were passed around for the members to sign.

o   Expenses for the competition=$182.

o   We still have to get gift cards for the judges.  Last year we gave $30 gift cards to the judges. Steve said he liked Roadhouse Grill.  If we give five $30 gift cards, this equals $150. A motion was made and passed by the members to give each judge a $30 gift card to the Roadhouse Grill.  Gary will get the gift cards.

  • Old Business: Chemeketa Community College Scholarship
    • Ivan has spent 3-4 days on paperwork for the scholarship.  We need to provide a check, sign paperwork, and send to Chemeketa.
    • The members voted and approved funding the scholarship for $500 in Roberta Martin’s name. Members who want to donate funds to add to the scholarship, can write it on the pledge sheet. Checks can be made to WVAWS and note in the memo section on the check that the money is for the scholarship.  The donation is not tax deductible. The check can be mailed to Terry, using the pledge sheet provided at the meeting or in the e-mail sent by Gary on 8/25/12:

Terry Droessler

14765 Fishback Road

Monmouth, OR 97361

    • The deadline to turn in checks is BEFORE 9/5/12, so Ivan has time to get the funds to Chemeketa Community College.
    • Ivan is on the board that will review student requests for assistance and decide who receives the scholarship funds.
  • New Business: Elections for Office
    • Chris C. and Scott will be on the nominating committee.
    • Gary is not running again, and the new president will be in place for the December Christmas party.
    • Terry is happy being treasurer.
    • Wally will not be continuing his role as the Vice President.
  • New Business: Chad Collins
    • Dean shared that Chad, who worked with us in 2007 or 2008, e-mailed Dean and asked him to help him start a club with press releases. He had his club going and started a wine competition too. Dean asked for his list of mailings and Chad asked for our mailing list from the wine contest. We got his list. Dean found an e-mail and wondered if we sent him our list.  Gary remembered working on the list. We aren’t sure if a list was sent to Chad, and he needs to be contacted to find out if he received it. Gary will ask Kim for the list, and find out from Chad if he received the old list or received an updated list.
  • New Business: Visitor from California
    • A month ago, someone from California wanted to visit with someone from the club. Ed and Susan met with Don and Carol Hazelton.  Don is the president of the Sonoma Amateur Wine Club. Every year they do a road trip and go to a wine-making area and check out wineries. Ed and Susan met with them and talked for an hour. They spent several days in the Willamette Valley. 
  • Next month: The meeting is on 9/22/12 at 4:00 p.m. at Terry Plagmann’s outside of Albany.  Terry will talk about making port.
  • Wine Pool: Trade
  • Meeting adjourned.