Feb. 21, 2015


·                     Scott called the meeting to order.

·                     Thank you Bob and Judy for hosting the meeting.

·                     We didn’t have an updated Treasury report. Scott will follow up with Terry. If you haven’t paid your dues, please send a check to Terry.

·                     Scott will get a current list of paid members from Terry.

·                     A check was sent to Chemeketa Community College for the scholarship.

·                     We have a domain name for our wine club. Wally’s name is attached to it, and the money for the site is paid for from Wally’s credit card.  We need to find a way to have someone else be financially responsible for it.  Kim will work with Wally on who will maintain the website. Scott will follow up with Terry on options that we could use to pay for the site fee. One idea is to buy 5 years and then get reimbursed for it.

·                     Chris and Gary contacted the Westside Club to let them know we would not be doing the competition anymore. The Westside Club has active members talking about taking it over but it probably won’t happen until 2016. Gary is meeting with them soon to discuss questions they have about the competition. Chris will send them information on automating the score sheet.

·                     Brooks Winery will host our group for a fee of $15/person which includes the tasting. Their winemaker would meet with us and take us on a tour. We don’t know about the cost for food, and we wouldn’t be able to bring in our own food.  We would need 8-10 people to make it worthwhile. We could go 3/21 or 3/28 since Brooks is having a member event on 3/14. Scott will send an e-mail to find out who is interested in going.

·                     Scott and Chris will reach out to Steve Anderson about attending a future meeting.

·                     We thought it would be a good idea to reach out to people who may have been members or who have expressed an interest in becoming a member. Scott will touch base with David and Elaina, who were members for a long time and recently moved to Washington.

·                     We need a location for the 4/18/15 meeting. The planned meetings for 2015 include Kathy and Terry’s (6/20/15), Russ and Jan (7/25/15) and Ivan and Martha (9/19/15). We will have the Christmas meeting in December. We may have another meeting at Willamette Vineyards in the future.

·                     Ralph talked about the Winemaker Magazine Amateur Winemaking Conference is in May in Portland.  Early Bird registration ends this week. Contact Ralph if you have more questions.Scott:


The following are 2015 paid members:

Russ and Jan Burrows

Gary and Sue Arndt

 Terry Droessler and Kathy Ketchum

Susan Karp and Ed Farrar

Chris and Sherri Coon

Ivan and Martha Wells

Judy Weill and Robert Page

Ralph Magrish and Kim

Scott and Barb Garvey


The treasury is:  $1,013.02