July 21, 2013




  • Chris called the meeting to order. 
  • Guests were introduced.
  • Treasurer’s report:  Terry reported that there is approximately $650 in the club’s account.
  • Wine competition:
    • We do not have a solid date.
    • Potential judges include Patrick and Maggie.
    • Kim and Shari will be at Eola Winery tomorrow, 7/21/13, for the final day of the wine collection.  They hope to connect with Steve Anderson to discuss a date for the wine competition. Shari will deliver wine brought to this meeting to Eola tomorrow.
    • Those interested in volunteering for the judging include:  Russ, Jan, Terry, Gary, David and Chris if needed. 
    • Kim will send a note on the actual date when it is confirmed.
    • Food for wine competition:  Gary shared that in the past, they brought what the judges wanted like seltzer water.  They also brought bread, cold cuts, etc. 
    • One idea that came up last year was to bring toothbrushes for the judges to use after the competition.


The next meeting is on 8/17/13 at Chris Estrada’s home.  The time of the meeting will be sent prior to the meeting date.