June 20, 2015

WVAWS Meeing Minutes – June 20, 2015


Terry took everyone down to his wine cellar to let people see and taste his 2013 Melbac. He proceeded to tell us how he went about making it, and the additives he added, and the dates and times he checked the pH. And part of the way through, he asked Steve Anderson what he thought, and Steve had him add some extra chemicals.

We all had a taste of the Melbac out of the barrel. Thank you, Terry, for showing us how you produced your Melbac.

Scott checked with Willamette Vinyards to see about having an educational meeting at their facility. Pricing was very spendy. Chris will talk to the winemaker instead of going through the hospitality people.

Treasurer's report: $1.013.02 in the bank. The yearly insurance bill of $262.00 is due. Dues are $30 for the calendar year.

Gary says no word from the Portland group about the competition. Probably none this year. If anyone wants to join a competition, they'll have to go through the State Fair.

We welcome our new members into the club, Sam and Janet Graves.

Thanks, Terry and Kathy, for hosting the meeting, and serving the tasty salmon!

No new business.

Scott adjourned the meeting.

Next meeting July 25th at Russ and Jan's

September 19th at Ivan and Martha's

Have a nice summer and see you at the next meeting.