June 21, 2014


  • Chris called the meeting to order.

  • The next meeting is at Russ and Jan’s house on 7/19/14. The August meeting will be on 8/23/14 at Terry and Kathy’s house. The 9/20/14 meeting will be at Bob and Judy’s house.

  • The insurance for the club was just paid for the next 12 months. The cost was $254.

  • There is $1,235.75 left in the club pool.

  • Wine Competition: The last day for wine to be turned in is 7/19/14. Gary will be at Eola Hills that day to collect wine. (Gary sent an e-mail on 6/22/14 with more information about the competition.)

  • Kim talked to Nancy Duncan at Chemeketa Community College about the scholarship.  There is $600 left. If we use it for the emergency scholarship fund, It would need a little promotion, and to reach out to professors at CCC to let them know about it. Another option was to pool all of the money together with the money this year for $1,200, which is the minimum needed for a full scholarship.  The members recommended doing the full scholarship for this year with the money in the emergency fund and the money donated this year.

  • Bob and Judy have (1) six gallon carboy and (2) seven gallon carboys for sale, at $2/gallon. All of the money is donated to the club.  The carboys are made of heavy glass. If you are interested, let Bob and Judy know.