June 23, 2012




·   Gary called the meeting to order. 


·   Minutes from May 2012 were sent in previous e-mail.


·   Chris Martin brought his brother, Azente, and sister-in-law, Maria, as guests to the meeting.


·   Treasury Report: The treasury balance is $758.30.  This balance is after the $249 bill was paid for our club’s liability insurance.


·   Old Business: 

o   Wine Competition for 2012-Ralph said that Steve will do the wine judging on 8/15 and 8/16. Ralph has not approached Steve for help in recruiting judges.  Susan said she had to check in with him, and she will ask if he needs help in obtaining judges. If club members are available to help with the judging either or both days, let Gary know. We know what food they want including rolls, French bread, cheese and meat.

o   Posters for the wine competition:  Gary has a list of 21 stores where we dropped off posters. Last year we sent out 18 posters.  We still have to send posters to Bend, two places in Eugene, and Santiam Wine. Shari and Chris will drop the poster off at Santiam Wine. Kathy and Terry will drop off posters in Bend and at Chemeketa.

o   E-mails:  Kim sent an e-mail to the list of those who entered the contest last year, which were 35 people.  4-5 bounced back.  Kim also sent e-mails to the PDX Wine Club, Medford Mail Tribune, Victor at the Statesman Journal, and Oregon WinePress. The WinePress wants us to pay for an advertisement for the event which we are not going to do.


·   New Business

o   Chemeketa Scholarship:  Ivan has been involved and talked to Nancy Duncan at Chemeketa.  She gave him forms that establish a scholarship. We can decide what is on the scholarship form and what it goes to. The students get scholarships for tuition but may not have money for books. Gary passed out information on the Viticulture Programs Emergency Fund. This fund provides emergency financial assistance to full-time Vineyard Operations, and Vineyard Management and/or Winemaking Program students attending Chemeketa Community College. We can start the scholarship at the beginning of the school year in Sept. We just have to say it is a go and sign it. We can make a decision on how much we contribute to the scholarship after the wine competition. What we would also like to do is for those who win the scholarship; they will get membership in the club for a year. 4-5 professors will decide on who the needy people are for the award. Ivan will be involved, and he knows the professors. This scholarship will be named after Roberta.

o   Russ won an award at the International Winemaking Contest. It was a gold medal for his 2010 Raspberry Wine.  Our next meeting on 7/21/12 is at Russ and Jan’s house in Lafayette.

o   The August 18 meeting will be at Chris’ home in Salem. In Sept., Terry will talk about making port.

o   Grandvines-a meeting will be held at Grandvines in the first part of 2013.

o   WVAWS-Kim will check with Wally to find out if he would like help with the website.

o   Our guest speaker for this meeting, Steve Shore, did not come. 

o   Ralph shared that there was an ad on Craigslist for a presale order for grapes through Depola. They have Cabernet, Pinot, Muller T., Gewurztraminer. etc.  Ralph will send information to Gary to send out to the club.

o   There was club interest in creating a Facebook page.  We could share information with others on the wine competition. We could manage how we use it. It would be a non-profit page.  We could drop it if we don’t use it. Kim will look at sample pages that are available for the Facebook page.  Kim could monitor the site.

o   Members:  Currently the club has 23 members.  Our high for number of club members was 40.