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OTHER WINEMAKER MEMBER SITES Located in Fallbrook, featuring Sangiovese and Montepulciano.
Located in Fallbrook. Located in San Diego. Located in Ramona. Located in Escondido. Located in Carlsbad. Located in Warner Springs.
Menghini Winery Located in Julian.
J. Jenkins Winery Located in Julian.
Twin Oaks Winery Located in San Marcos.
OTHER CLUBS San Diego Amateur Winemaking Society Ramona Vineyard Association. The Cellarmasters of Woodland Hills, CA. Winemakers of Ontario. The Orange County Wine Society The Sacramento Home Winemakers
SUPPLIES All World winemaking lab supplies. Wine Country Classifieds Grapevine Nursery The Grape and Granary Tonnellerie Radoux (barrels) The Uncorked Cellar. Excellent wine information and wine collector software
INFORMATION SITES Low Input Viticulture & Enology, Inc (LIVE) Northwest Berry and Grape Information Net (OSU) American Vineyard, Enology and Viticulture Lab.
UC Davis Enology Department. UC Davis, Integrated Pest Management
UC Davis, Monitoring guidelines for the vine mealy bugs.
UC Davis, Pest Management for grapes. Many links to wine, winemaking, wineries, etc. The Northwest Berry and Grape Net.
The Wine Lovers Lexicon. A home winemaking discussion group.
Grape training systems. Amateur Winemaking FAQ's. Resource for published research and technical journal articles. The leading magazine for the home wine making hobby. LII (Librarians' Index to the Internet) Theme Collection: California and Washington Wine Scott Laboratories Online Fermentation Handbook
White Wine Fine Wine Information. A world of Information on Great Wines! San Diego Wine Tasting and Dinners