May 19, 2012

Here are the minutes from Mays meeting: 
WVAWS meeting 5/19/12
Last meeting minutes were approved with no correctiopns.
Wally has signed up 2 new people, Jim and Chris Robinson
Treasury Report: There is $1,049.30.  Took in $60 in membership fees, $50 paid to Shari for poster and logos, $67 for printed posters.
The posters note the corrected date of 7/14/12 for the deadline for wine to be turned in for the amateur wine competition.  Steve will be available for 2 days of judging in August but the dates have not been confirmed. One day will be for white wine, and the other day for red wine. Gary has wine posters to give out to give to wineries and other businesses to advertise the contest. We put out 60 last year. Kim is doing the PR.  She took the notice from last year and will update it and send out to the same list as last year. Russ has a list of websites for those who participated last year. We need to make sure our e-mail address is advertised.
Ralph shared that Willamette Valley Services is a fully biodynamic facility that will be opening a microcrush facility to help "urban vineyards'. They will help set up micro-vineyards.  They would be willing to come out to talk to us.  The contact is Steve Schor.  He did the Chemeketa program and has worked at various vineyards. Ralph will meet with him to come to a future meetings.
Ivan said that on Monday afternoon at 2:00 p.m., Nancy Duncan, who works for the foundation at Chemeketa, will discuss how money will be used from this club.  The money could be used for books and supplies for students in the viticulture program.  There is foundation money available for tuition but not books and supplies. If anyone wants to come, feel free. The club attendees were positive for doing this.  Club members could donate in Roberta's name. 
Scott shared that Maggie at Grand Vines could provide food for a future meeting for a low price, and could have a couple of winemakers come to a meeting.  Scott will work with her on a date for a meeting at Grand Vines, possibly in November.
The insurance for the club is due in June for $250.  The paperwork is vailable for review. If there is a claim, the club is covered by the insurance.
Russ shared with Gary that there is a show on KXL radio, and the person who conducts the show could do a promo on our club.  We could invite him to a a meeting where he could do a show during the meeting or whatever he wants to do.  We could line people up who won awareds, anything about making wine, etc. 
If anyone has ideas on changes to the webste, let Gary and Wally know. We would like to have the wine contest come up first when someone opens the website. We need more pictures, and we would like to have a club photographer.

The next meeting is 6/23 at Terry and Kathy's house.
Thank you Shari .... you have done a great job,