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April 16, 2011




Minutes from previous meeting:  There were a couple of errors.  Shari and Chris Coon brought 4 guests to the previous meeting:  Kim Mounts and Ralph Magrish, and Jennie and Ray Cady. 


Treasurer’s Report:  There is $758.42.  With Kim and Ralph joining, this will bring the total to $778.42.


Wine Law:  Chris reported that the governor signed SB 444.  Now we can legally bring our own wine wherever we want, and move ahead with the wine competition.


Wine to taste next meeting:  Judy and Bob, and Ron and Ruth Cooper will bring wine to taste at the next meeting.


Next Meeting:  5/21/11 at 4:00 p.m. at Gary’s house in Woodburn.


Wine Competition:  Shari’s friend Janet Lafond from Billings, MT, drafted 4 posters for the club to review for a poster for the wine competition. 

  • We decided to merge the font/text from one poster to the background on another poster.
  • We will remove “national wine competition” and refer to it as “2011 Amateur Wine Competition”.
  • We will not list the number of judges.
  • We will keep the current categories for the wines.
  • Shari will send Gary the final version of the poster prior to the next meeting.
  • Susan will update the rules.  We would like the top of the rules page to be in bold letters in a different color. Other changes for the rules:
    • We want to make sure that entrants include a stamp, self-addressed envelope to get the results.
    • We want to note in the rules that the drop off at Eola Hills is 7/9/11 and 7/16/11. 
    • We want a hyperlink in the rules to the American Wine Society (AWS) 20-point scale.
    • We will only accept 750 ml. bottles.  We will not accept 375 ml. bottles.
    • There will be a first, second and third ribbons, and comments/evaluations from the judges.
    • Those that don’t get a ribbon one will get comments/evaluations from the judges. 
    • The grand prize, Best of Show, will have a ribbon and a rosette.
    • We will not provide certificates, prizes or awards. 

Also i am adding acopy of the final poster. See attach ed file 


rules are coming soon............... Gary