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Aug. 17, 2013




  • Kim called the meeting to order. 
  • Guests were introduced.
  • Treasurer’s report:  Terry reported that there is $1,351.25 in the club’s account. This includes $860 for the wine entries + $5 postage from Wally, minus $165.21 in expenses for the competition.
  • Wine competition:
    • The judging was held on 8/14/13.
    • There were 4 judges: Steve Anderson, Patrick McElligott, Randy Reeder and Maggie Crawford.
    • There were 86 bottles entered for the competition.
    • The judges decided not to score on the Davis Scoring System.  They rated the wine and gave comments.  If the wine didn’t have a defect, they decided on a medal.
    • Wally Darling received a Best in Show medal for his Muscat.
    • Jon Karrs received a Best in Show for his Gewurztraminer.
    • The white wines got the best ratings. The judges were not impressed with the red wines.
    • Patrick said it was a pleasure to do this, and he was very impressed with the wines.
    • There were 6 Gold medals (2 of the 6 Gold medals went to Wally Darling), 24 Silver medals, and 27 Bronze medals. The rest had no medals.
    • Thank you to all who helped with the competition.
    • Chris will send an e-mail breaking down the club awards.
    • We would like to find out if Patrick can attend the next meeting to debrief about the competition.
    • If the club does another competition, we would like to recommend having 5 judges. Other possible judges:  Thomas from Whistling Dog and Elizabeth Clark from Airlie Winery.
    • We need to verify with Steve if he is interested in doing this in the future. We also need to ask Steve if he would prefer doing the competition with other winemakers if we have it again.
    • There were thank you cards to sign for each of the judges.
The next meeting is on 9/14/13 at Kim and Ralph’s home.  The time of the meeting and directions will be sent prior to the meeting date.