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Aug. 20, 2011

It about time for CHANGE ........ Are you ready to lead..... to work hard ..... and enjoy new friendship
then  run for President of WVAWS.
If interested write me anytime.......
Next meeting at Terry Plagman's  home in Albany on Sept. 24 at 4:00 pm
hope to see you there.
 Here are the minutins from last meeting.......
The meeting was called to order at 5:30 by President Gary after Happy Hour on the deck at the home of Chris and Roberta. 
Thank you cards were signed for the wine judges and tokens of appreciation will be given to them.
Treasurer says we have $300+ in the treasury and another $890 was given to Terry from the wine contest.  There are, however, expenses to be paid.   Gary suggested that we think of ways to spend some money.
Thanks went to members who helped at wine competition.  We had 89 entries.   
Awards were presented to Kim Mounts for PR work and to Susan Karp for babysitting wine and multiple other jobs she took on. 
50% of the Gold winners were members of WVAWS.  There were 4 gold, (2 club members won gold)  22 silver (9 from club) and 19 Bronze medals, 47% from club.
Discussion was held regarding working in Ivan's vineyard. Some members are meeting Wednesday for a work party. 
September meeting will be at Terry's at which time we will have election of officers.  There will be no meeting in October and the November meeting will be held at Bob and Judy's.
Respectfully submitted,
Roberta Martin, Secretary