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Dec 15, 2012


●  Kim called the meeting to order.

●  The minutes from the last meeting on 11/17/12 were approved.

●  There was not a treasury report for this meeting.

●  Dues are due at the beginning of the year, and are in effect for the calendar year. It is         30/couple per year.

●     Kim will put out a calendar for meetings for the next six months.  

●     Do members want to have a meeting in January?  If so, do you want to have the meeting     on 1/12/13 or 1/19/13?  Please RSVP to Kim as soon as possible to let her know.

●     For those interested in hosting a meeting in 2013, please let Kim know. (Bob and Judy         reserved April, and Russ and Jan reserved July.)

●  Grand Vines in Salem-Maggie, the manager, said we could have a WVAWS meeting there,     with a fee charged per person for food. We could also order off of the menu. Maggie can     arrange winemakers to come to our meeting at Grand Vines. If we bring wine that is         homemade, that is okay. If we bring non-homemade wine, we have to pay a corkage fee.     Scott will confirm a date and time for a meeting there.

●  Kim would like people to come from different areas to talk about growing grapes and          other topics that members have wanted to learn more about.