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July 21, 2012




·         Gary called the meeting to order.

·         Minutes from the June 2012 were sent in previous e-mail.

·         Treasurer Report: The treasury balance is $758.30.

·         Old Business:  Wine Competition 2012

o   There were 69 entries as of this meeting. There may be more entries in the next week.  Last year there was more wine entered since there wasn’t a wine competition the previous year.

o   The club will pay for food and “thank yous” for the judges over the 2 days.

o   Steve still needs judges. Let Steve know of interested judges and he will contact them.  The dates of the judging is 8/15 and 8/16.

o   Russ recommended giving toothpaste and brushes for the wine judges. 

o   Volunteers to help with the wine competition:  Ivan, Russ and Jan, Terry, and Gary. Chris C. and Aleana can assist if needed. Gary will schedule who is working and when.

o   Judy and Susan will put together the spreadsheet for the entries.

o   We will need to find out how many judges will be doing the judging, and decide on the amount of the gift cards and food for the judges. Food includes rolls, chips, crackers and water.

o   Ralph will work with Steve to make sure the judges are set up and anything else he needs.

·         Old Business: Portland Wine Club Information

o   Two main food meetings: Picnic and Christmas Party.

o   Three meetings with guest speakers.

o   Focus on evaluating each other’s wines.

·         Old Business: Scholarship at Chemeketa Community College

o   Ivan has been working on it.

o   The paperwork still needs to be sent to CCC with a check.

o   At the next meeting, we will talk about the amount of money for the CCC donation for the Roberta Martin Scholarship. 

o   If someone wants to donate for the scholarship, they can do that in addition to the club contribution.

o   Gary was thinking that the scholarship would be $500 with money from club members.  The amount doesn’t need to be the same every year.

·         Next Meeting: Chris Martin’s house. The meeting will start at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 18. Gary will send directions to Chris’ house. RSVP to Ivan and Martha and they will let Chris know.

·         September meeting will be at Terry Plagman’s home. He will give a discussion about how to make port.

·         Russ tried to get our club on the radio talk show called “Vine Time” on 101 FM KEX.  Brian B., the talk show host, goes to wineries in our area.  Currently, his radio program is expanding into Washington, and he is in the Walla Walla area for 3 weeks.  In the future, we would like him to come out and talk about how the wine club started. There is information on his website, “Vine Time”.  You can go to the website and listen to the programs.

·         Meeting adjourned.