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May 18, 2013




●  Kim called the meeting to order.


●  There was not a treasury report for this meeting. Kim said that most members have paid their dues.


●  The membership list on the WVAWS website is old and needs to be updated. Kim will send Wally updated list. Wally is willing to continue doing the WVAWS website as needed.


●  Wine Competition-There was a discussion about the club’s interest in continue to have a competition. One of the reasons that the club started having the wine competition was to raise funds to pay for the liability insurance for the club. At the time the cost for insurance was more than was raised by the annual dues. When Gary was the president, he was able to renegotiate the premium to a lower amount.


The club will continue with this year’s event and evaluate as a group in November or the first meeting of 2014.


***We need a club member to coordinate the wine competition judging day. It will be in August.***


-Sunday, 7/21/13, will be the only date that will be staffed with WVAWS members at Eola Hills Winery to accept wine. Contestants can also drop off or mail wine for the competition to Eola Hills Winery. See current rules for more information which will be on the posters and posted on the website.


-Kim will send a press release to the same outlets as last year.


-Posters were handed out to members advertising the wine competition. Kim will also     send an electronic copy of the poster and rules to members to distribute.


-Volunteers to help during judging: Terry, Gary and Ivan are interested. Need others.


-By the July WVAWS meeting, we need to confirm with Steve what day(s) the judging     will occur and if judges have been contacted and confirmed. We also need to check with     Patrick on his availability for judging. Other possible judges: Maggie from Grand     Vines          who judged last year, and Judy from Kramer Vineyards. Once judges have been                confirmed, there is paperwork that needs to be completed.


-The list of winners from the competition will be notified by the end of September.


-After the wine competition, we need to devote a future meeting to the pros and cons on     having future wine competitions. The wine competition held last year was a lot of work. As a club, it is a huge undertaking and only a few people are able to volunteer the time to help with all the activities required for the event. Last year the club made approximately $300 after       expenses. The Westside Club in Portland has had a lot of interest in having the local          competition.  We may want to explore partnering with this club for future wine      competitions.