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Nov. 16, 2013




  • Kim called the meeting to order. 
  • There wasn’t a treasury report this month. 
  • We need information on the scholarship that the club contributed to Chemeketa Community College last year.  We also need to decide on how much to contribute to the scholarship this year. If anyone wants to add to the scholarship, let Terry know or send Terry a check and we can add that to the donation.
  • Ivan donated two small beer kegs. Ralph will pay $30 to club for kegs and money will be added to the Chemeketa scholarship donation from the club.
  • We are hoping to have the Christmas party 12/21/13 as our first choice, or 12/14/13 for the second choice.  Kim will follow-up with Steve to see if we can have it at Eola. (Update: As of 11/25/13, we will not be having the meeting at Eola since Steve will be gone for the month of December.  We will let club know when we have a date and location.)
  • We will decide on an amount for a gift certificate to Steve for his help and assistance with the wine competition after we find out the balance from Terry.   Recommendations for the gift certificate amount will be sent via e-mail to club members to decide.
  • Future meetings:  We would like others in the club to volunteer time and ask people to speak at meetings. We would have people take ownership of monthly meetings and find a speaker. Kim will give her e-mail to the 4 winemakers that were interested in judging for our competition, and let them know the months that we meet so they could speak at a meeting. Patrick is also willing to come to a meeting to talk to us. We could share information amongst ourselves on growing grapes and making wines.
  • Scott will check with Maggie regarding which month we could meet at Grand Vines next year.
  • If anyone would like to host a meeting next year, let Kim know.