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Sept. 14, 2013




  • Kim called the meeting to order. 
  • Treasurer’s report:  Terry reported that there is $1,301.25 in the club’s account. Some expenses are coming in for the ribbons, mailings, etc.  There has been $165 in expenses to date.  The entry income from the wine competition was $865 ($860 for the wine entries + $5 postage from Wally).  We may clear $500 after all of the expenses have been deducted.
  • There was information in the Winter 2013 Chemeketa Community College newsletter about the scholarship that the club provided money for, which can be found at
    • The money was donated for an emergency fund for students and as a memorial to Roberta. 
    • Since the paperwork has already been completed, we could donate again for the fund. 
    • We will discuss what the club wants to do with the extra money at the November meeting. 
    • Ivan will find out what happened to the money donated last year.
  • Status of wine competition:
    • Scoring was finalized.
    • Wally won Best of Show
    • Many in club got awards
    • We will be sending out the score sheets and ribbons by Monday. Information on specific medal/awards can be found on the WVAWS website.
    • We would like to find out if Patrick McElligott can provide information and a summary of the competition at the November meeting.
    • We need to visit with Steve Anderson about the event and to find out what his interest is in another amateur wine competition.
    • If we have another competition, we may be able to get more winemakers to be the judges.
  • Officers for club:  Gary said he would coordinate the wine competition if Kim remains president. We will also ask other members in the club that weren’t at this meeting if they would be interested in being president. Chris remains interested in continuing as the vice-president.
  • Kim will try to connect with Steve by the November meeting to find out if we can have the club Christmas party at Eola Hills. 
  • The next meeting is on 11/16/13 at Bob and Judy’s house.