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Sept. 22, 2012

WVAWS  Meeting   at Terry Plagmann’s Home

Sept. 22 , 2012

Meeting was called to order by Gary… treasurer report was $6800.00

As of Sept, 22 .New members Chris and Jim Robinson were in attendances.

Wine comp 2012 is complete and awards and ribbons were $106.00

The CCC scholarship is now set up with $1000.00 as a great beginning,

Good job Ivan.

Election are on ,and no one stepped forward to lead . Charles has free bottles all you need to do is talk to Charles ,said he had lots.

Meeting Terry passed out papers on making port, fast and sweet.

If you need some of the papers ask Gary he will sent them to you.

Terry sent most of the meeting on DUI. This was very informative meeting ,thanks Terry.

Next meeting Nov 17 at Judy and Bob’s

Meeting Adjourned For the last time By : Gary Arndt Past President WVAWS________________________________________________

After the meeting Kim  stepped up and is now our President

Chris Coon is our VP ,Shari Coon is our  Sect. and Terry is our Treasure.

Thank you