Sept. 20, 2014



·         Kim called the meeting to order.

·         Thank you Bob and Judy for hosting the meeting.

·         Thank you Barb for taking minutes at the last meeting.

·         Thank you Gary running the competition. Thank you Sue, Chris, Judy, and Bob for their assistance.

·         The club approved to waive Gary and Sue’s membership dues for 2014 due to the work they did on the wine competition.

·         Kim passed around a list of members and the contact information so members can check to make sure the information is current.

·         We may have potential members join next month.

·         The club voted and approved new board for 2015. Scott Garvey will be in the next president of WVAWS starting in 2015. Chris will continue as vice-president, Terry will continue to be the treasurer, and Shari will continue to be the secretary.

·         There will not be a meeting in Oct. We will plan on having the December holiday party. Kim will check with Steve about the availability of Eola Hills for the party.

·         The club voted to have 6 meetings per year: Feb, April, June, July, Sept., and Dec. on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

·         Club balance: $2,115.75. The club paid $254 for insurance, and $50 for Oregon business license. Some of the money includes funds for the scholarship. We raised $720 from the wine competition. Eight of the 72 bottles submitted were from our wine club members. With the expenses for the competition, the club made about $318.

·         The club voted to discontinue its annual wine competition. Multnomah County Fair hasn’t had a wine competition for a while, and the Westside Club is considering reviving the Multnomah County Fair wine competition.  Chris will send an e-mail to John Kahrs from the Westside Club to let them know that we won’t be hosting a wine competition anymore.